A Few Questions On Straightforward Job Programs


Mark Brewer should at least apologize for giving aid and comfort to an American terrorist organization. While not on the scale of Republican Party presidential nominee Donald Trump, he should make it known that he disavows any support or endorsement by that group, Murray wrote. In an interview with The Macomb Daily Friday, Brewer did not apologize for doing his job but did offer his views of the notorious hate group whose right to hold a rally at the State Capitol Building he represented in 1994. I detest the Klan, he said. I dont agree with what they stand for. Despite that, Brewer states he was doing the job for which he took an oath. I believe in free speech, he said. Im a very strong believer in that. He went on to say that revealing a fact from his past that Murray told the newspaper he learned about a month ago, would be extremely unfair. Murray contends: He, personally, did not have to defend the Klu Klux Klan. selection processYet he did. Even if he was opposed to giving an assist to a terrorist organization, he could have declined out of moral indignation. He did not. This is not the first time Murray has called out Brewer.

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